Contract Agreement between Lorenzo and Yamaha MotoGP Has Been Stopped

Whether you have been a fan of Lorenzo? MotoGP champion twice in 2010 and 2012 it made very shocking news. Movistar contract with Yamaha MotoGP has stopped completely. This news has indeed surprised many, including all of his fans. Many people who make allegations about end port for Lorenzo. One of them is a hot issue is that Lorenzo has been agreed with the Repsol Honda team.


Lorenzo reason terminates the contract deals are caused by poor motor performance. The match followed by Lorenzo on MotoGP produce disappointment and he believes that this is due to poor motor performance. Lorenzo also said that he did not want to go from Yamaha, but they do not work for the team to improve.

All negotiations are conducted between the parties Lorenzo and Yamaha also does not make the results become better.
Lorenzo basically just want a contract that continues to be developed within a period of one year. Every year he wants to get a new supply so that it can make the drivers and teams get better. Lorenzo also acknowledged that the salami is actually a very good contract with Yamaha, but Lorenzo did not want to make a decision that could make him feel uncomfortable.

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