Hamilton Has Failed To Finish in Grand Prix F1 Canada

The match who took place on Sunday last week Hamilton has made fans feel disappointed. Drivers who carry the Mercedes name are very sorry not to be able to get a champion. Hamilton also said that he had a lot of time when running behind Nico Rosberg. However, the actual cause of the Hamilton did not want to make everyone guilty.


Mercedes is having problems with the speed and power so that the game runs slow. The result obtained by his teammate Rosberg is secured second position has a big impact for Hamilton. At that time, Hamilton was a problem with the brakes of his car to make the motion be not optimal.
Problems also occur when the car is Hamilton managed to control the position of the overtaking Nico, but he could not drive a car to be faster. No power on the car just turns into heat and it becomes a huge obstacle. Hamilton still hopes he can drive the car from Mercedes so they can get a good finish with the number one. Now with this last defeat then Hamilton should get a larger point. Defeat to 22 points to be paid with the next game.

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