Intranet Networking

Take your phone directory and organizational charts to the next level. How many hidden jewels of talent exist in your organization?

Employee personalized Intranet home page

Think social networks. Encourage employees to post pictures for easier recognition. Their home page may include:

  • highlights of resume
  • job title and description
  • supervisor
  • work affiliations
  • project group pages

Don’t know the POC for direct mail? Use your Intranet search engine to find the experience you need. This degree of exposure may be uncomfortable. It is important to have transparent governance to set minds at ease and embrace the benefits of improved internal communications and potential career growth.

Find the right people to be in the right job at the right time.

There are instances of people being placed in jobs not matching their skill sets. Human Resources should comb through the Intranet as a first resource to find talent. This exposure will also help you identify gaps in knowledge. Use this tool as a barometer for training and recruiting.

Succession planning is important to the success of your company. Encourage management to use the Intranet to seek out potential candidates to mentor.  There are diamonds, emeralds and rubies just waiting to be discovered.