4 Things You Can Do Today to Brighten Your Mood

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There are times when everyone simply feels a bit off, down in the dumps as they say, but sometimes those moods don’t seem to lighten as they should. Have you been experiencing an inordinately long period of being a bit less cheerful than usual, maybe even depressed? If so, there are five things you can do today to brighten your mood. Give it a try because when you’re down, there’s really nowhere to go but up!

1) Talk It Out

One of the biggest mistakes that so many people make is to keep everything bundled up inside. For whatever reason, they are just reluctant to talk about what they are feeling and why. Perhaps they think that by giving voice to their feelings they’ll only make it worse, or that others will think them silly. While you probably can’t get an appointment to be seen today, you can book an appointment to see a therapist who will never think your feelings are not important and will help you discover why you feel the way you do so that you can begin bringing about the changes necessary to brighten your days.

2) Get Out and About

Another serious mistake is to bury your head in the sand. Leave that for the ostriches! You may not feel like facing anyone or going anywhere, but recognize that as a sign of depression. It’s a ‘normal’ reaction when you are gloomy but it is one of the worst things you can do. Staying at home isolated from everyone and everything only gives you more time to harp on about what is bringing you down. Even if it’s only a stroll through the park or window shopping at the mall, activity takes you away from that place of solitude where you have too much time on your hands to dwell on what’s troubling you.

3) Do Something Outrageous

Some women, and believe it or not even some men, turn on the music full blast and just sing along at the top of their voices. Some get up and start dancing and others decide to do a bit of aerobic exercise to that cacophony of sound. Maybe you have always wanted to fly a kite on the beach or give paintballing a try. Get together with a friend and do something really outrageously silly. There’s nothing like laughter to brighten your mood and that uplifting feeling is immediate. You can even go full crazy and do something you always wanted, like reading AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts reviews to see if it is time to change your career. Do what works for you but make sure it is big.

4) Give Yourself a Treat

When you hear that, you are probably thinking you’ve already put on an extra ten pounds, but it isn’t that kind of treat you need. Whether you have limited resources or are simply reluctant to spend a few dollars on yourself, why not go out and treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted but seen as frivolous? It could be something as inexpensive as a model car that you’ve always wanted to construct or a kitchen gadget you’ve been dreaming of. Recognize that everyone needs a reward once in a while and you deserve one, especially when you are down in the dumps.

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