Before Investing in CoolSculpting Near Me, What Should I Know?

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Undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure can feel daunting, no matter how noninvasive it is. Whether you’re considering simple botox or a more extensive face lift, it’s important to do your research. Understanding the procedure, the potential side effects as well as the benefits are all part of the process. So when searching for “CoolSculpting near me”, there are a few things you should know ahead of time.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting isn’t a well known cosmetic procedure, at least not yet. Although it isn’t well known, it certainly is effective. The main goal of CoolSculpting is to get rid of belly fat and smoothen out the abdomen. There are tons of cosmetic procedures that can do this, but the perk of using CoolSculp technology is that it is completely noninvasive.

This nonsurgical fat reduction solution has shown proven results, and it is the safer alternative to invasive procedures like liposuction. It is 100% FDA-approved and backed by numerous rounds of clinical testing. CoolSculpting allows you to get rid of the stubborn muffin top or those annoying love handles once and for all, with no scars and no downtime.

The CoolSculpting Procedure

The name CoolSculpting doesn’t come from the fact that this is a cool procedure. The word Cool refers to the cooling technology that is used to target and crystallize fat cells. This technology was developed by Harvard grads and uses a large applicator to deliver the procedure. After the intended treatment area is market, the applicator will be placed over that area and the cooling will commence.

Each CoolSculpting patient will remain under the applicator for one hour anywhere up to four hours depending on the size of the area. Feel free to read, work on your phone or tablet, or just sit back and relax as the CoolSculpt machine does its thing. Be sure to bring some sort of entertainment, though, since this is a fairly lengthy procedure.

During this hour, you will actually feel some intense cooling sensations. For this reason, individuals with sensitivity to cold should not undergo CoolSculpting, nor should anyone that is pregnant. Every CoolSculping patient must first consult with a specialist to determine if the procedure is right for them.

The Perfect CoolSculpting Candidate

Since CoolSculpting is a weight loss solution, this procedure is meant for overweight individuals. However, anyone severely overweight should not undergo the CoolSculpt procedure. The best candidates are within 20 pounds of their target weight. Since this is noninvasive, it won’t be effective on obese individuals. But if you have a noticeable bulge in a certain area that you’re hoping to get rid of, this is the perfect solution.

CoolSculpting Side Effects

The best part of CoolSculpting is that you can go about your day as you normally would immediately after treatment. Of course, with any cosmetic procedure there is the potential for side effects. The most common ones include sensations of pulling or pinching in the treated area, redness, tingling, and tenderness.

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