eClinicalWorks and Its Unified EHR System

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While Electronic Health Records have replaced paper charts at most practices nationwide, EHRs are not without its challenges. Recent research by Stanford Medicine and The Harris Poll discovered that while the majority of physicians are quite satisfied with their EHR, a number are still not convinced that EHRs need to go through substantial changes to meet their needs.

The Stanford/Harris results mention several reasons of why physicians feel this way, including concerns about the time required to use an EHR while also maintaining focus on the patient – the most important part of the service.

This is where eClinicalWorks unified EHR package comes to the rescue. Today, thousands of physicians have switched to this helpful tool. eClinicalWorks is leading the way with tools like booking of online appointments, scheduling of patients, MIPS dashboards, integration of a variety of health and wellness applications, and providing interoperability across hospitals.


Healow TeleVisits is integrated within eClinicalWorks to help providers stretch their clinical limits as well as act as a time saver since it can substantially decrease travel and site visits. TeleVisits can decrease unwanted frequent admissions as well as avoid moving a patient to another institution when a remotely located physician is able to identify the patient’s best choice.

TeleVisits are perfect for times when only a short review of a doctor is needed, making it unnecessary for immobile or extremely contagious patients to visit the facility.

Other Uses of Healow

The entire Healow family of apps is completely useful for lifestyle and wellness management, allowing patients to integrate a variety of medical monitors and devices for indicators like blood pressure, weight loss or gain, body-mass index, and sleep. Healow Mom helps women track the stages and health conditions throughout their pregnancy. Healow Kids offers busy parents the perfect tool to monitor the health and wellness of the whole family.

eClinicalWorks’ Healow gives patients access to apps they can use to improve their way of living and effectively manage health. With the Healow app, patients can book appointments, learn about their prescribed medications, and consult with the care providers through their mobile phones or tablets.

EVA: The Industry’s First Virtual Assistant

EVA, the eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant, helps address concerns raised in a study by giving clinicians a powerful tool at the time of care. This tool directly solves the problems raised in the Stanford/Harris and many other similar studies.

EVA enables provider-partners to use the EHR very much like talking to a close friend in order to help everyone become more efficient. The voice activated assistant was created to support various medical practitioners find suitable and accurate patient information more quickly.

Why EVA is Revolutionizing EHR

She is cloud-based and stays true to the ever-increasing need for connectivity in medical care IT. EVA will allow users to network with a larger population of providers for relevant healthcare.

She also offers use of educational videos and tutorials that medical practitioners can view without clicking to another screen.

For example, a doctor can ask Eva to “Show me how to open a telephone encounter,” and Eva will then play a short how-to video. This makes a lot of tasks easier for anyone who has access to EVA. She is not only a wonderful educational tool but also an indispensable Practice Management tool for physicians everywhere.

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