How to Understand Your Own Personal Style

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Most of us search for a unique identity for our lives. We like to be able to fit into society, but we also want everyone to know what we stand for and what we think of ourselves. This gets manifested in many things that we do that collectively presents our own personal style.

Here are a list of things that that exhibits who we are to the world.

The Car We Drive

One of the best ways to broadcast who we are, and what we believe is by the car we drive. The car that e select can tell things about us to people who we have not even met. A fast car, and one with loud colors tells people that we are likely outspoken and confident. One that has lots of space can mean that we are a family person or we like to dominate. And one that is smaller and focuses most on good gas mileage might mean that we are conservative and do not like to impose our needs on others. The car you drive can also tell people how you likely drive as well. For instance, a study by LeaseCar.UK found that most bad drivers drive BMW, Audi or Mercedes cars. Additionally, it found that angry drivers typically drive red, black or white cars, Finally, the best looking drivers also drive BMWs, Audi or Mercedes automobiles. You can find more statistics on the report, but this shows how what we do can really reflect who we are.

The Places We Hang Out

Where we spend our free time gives a good indication of the type of person we are and our personal style. If you are the type who likes the neighborhood bar, you are likely a more relaxed person who likes to be in familiar surroundings with people you see all the time and have a relationship with. If you love to go to the new and hot places in town you have an adventurous spirit and love to discover things. Perhaps you like to hang out at home and prefer to have visitors come there. If this is you, you like being in your own prepared space and want to have things on your terms.

The Place We Work

What you select as an occupation should be a reflection of who you are. If you are creative and love clothing, consider a job in the fashion industry. Similarly, if you like numbers finance is the right industry for you. You can go to school to refine and perfect your skills in your desired area of work, and with online learning so readily available, you can become an expert while you work in your current job.

The job we do and where we work can reflect who we are personally today. With employment options increasing, many people are now able to determine where they will work within an industry. You can select a company that reflects your values and that sells the type of products and services that reflects your beliefs.

Pay attention to what you drive, where you hang out and where you work and you will see patterns that can tell you about your own personal style.

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