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Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is a natural substance that is manufactured from cannabis plants. Lots of people have relied on this natural compound for centuries. However, CBD has now risen out of the shadows into the mainstream.

Countless people around the world rely on this cannabinoid as a natural alternative to synthetic medications as an answer to alleviating several physical symptoms including anxiety and depression, etc.

In this post, we will take a brief look at four physical symptoms that hemp buds can help alleviate.


There are over a hundred cannabinoids that can be manufactured from the cannabis plant and cannabidiol is just one of them. Though many people often think marijuana and cannabidiol are the same, the simple answer is that they aren’t.

While there are various similarities between the chemicals found in marijuana and cannabidiol, the important difference between them is the concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) they contain. THC is a psychoactive compound present in marijuana that stimulates the high feeling that accompanies its consumption. Although CBD contains THC, its legally defined concentration is less than 0.3%.

CBD buds are the flowers of the female cannabis plant. Experts believe that hemp buds contain purer and higher levels of CBD than any other CBD product. Hence, making them the most effective cannabis-based product Click here to learn more.


Here are four common physical symptoms that CDD flowers can help alleviate:

  • ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION: This is unarguably the most popular health issue among this category. Reports indicate that CBD buds are efficient anti-depressants and antioxidants. When CBD buds are ingested, the cannabidiol interacts with the serotonin receptors in our brains. People diagnosed with anxiety and depression tend to have a low concentration of serotonin in their bodies. While CBD buds don’t in any way enhance the secretion of serotonin, they help the body maximize the effects of the existing serotonin levels in the body. Hence, enhancing moods.
  • INSOMNIA: There are many causes of poor sleep quality. Anxiety is one of them and a busy mind is another. Insomnia is also a common health issue that hemp buds can help alleviate. Hemp buds interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our ECS (Endocannabinoid System). Hence, helping maintain a calm mental state which then helps improve sleep quality.
  • MANAGING PAIN: One of the benefits of ingesting hemp buds is that they are effective in managing pain. The CB1 receptors are connected to the brain while the CB2 receptors control the CNS (Central Nervous System).  When ingested, hemp buds interact with the CB2 receptors to help reduce pain in the body.
  • INFLAMMATION REDUCTION: Hemp buds are effective anti-inflammatory agents. This is why they are very efficient in the treatment of inflammatory-related eczema. They help alleviate the pain that is related to inflammation. However, beyond that, they help enhance the recovery process of the inflamed muscles.

Finally, people tend to rely on hemp buds as a natural alternative to synthetic prescriptions because they’re effects are almost instantaneous after consumption. This makes them a more preferable option to prescriptions as they often require a minimum of 3 hours for their effects to kick in.

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