The Differences Between a Garage And a Carport

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When it comes to storing vehicles outside, many individuals are looking to set up a particular area where their cars can be parked. A driveway or street parking doesn’t look very purposeful and adding a garage or a carport to the exterior of your home can be the perfect alternative. Not only is this done for functionality, but it also adds value to the property & can help to truly convert it into a proper home.

Garages are not the same thing as a carport however, and whilst both offer similar functions, it is important to recognize the difference when you are seeking out an option for your own car storage. Let’s take a look at what the key differences are between the two.


One of the reasons why so many opt for a garage over carports is that they offer much more security for the vehicle and its contents. A garage is a structure which is sealed with walls & a door, whereas a carport is a structure which just covers the space where the vehicle will be parked. If you live in an area which has issues with crime, then a garage will always be the more secure structure for your vehicles.

Protection From The Elements

Whilst carports will offer protection from precipitation, it is still an open-sided structure which means that the car will still be outside. With a garage however a car will be safe and secure inside a closed structure, offering full protection from the elements.

Cost of The Build

When it comes to the cost of building garages and carports there is little doubt that a carport is a much more budget friendly option. Not only are they lower cost regarding the materials used, they are also less labour intensive and can be erected at great speed. A garage on the other hand requires foundations and much more work to complete it.


When it comes to custom garages there is an enormous scope here as to what you can build and how you can build it. Garages these days are about far more than just storing vehicles and in some cases they are also used as a habitable space.

Custom carports on the other hand are generally used in order to deliver for customers who have awkward spaces. There is usually far less space to play with when it comes to this kind of structure.


It is very rare that you would need to get any planning permission for the construction of a carport, unless it is going to be incredibly big. Constructing a garage however often needs planning permission and this can mean that the build takes even longer. Garages are solid structures and require insulation and utility access, which is something that a carport does not require.

Ultimately the choice will come down to a few different factors such as what exactly you are looking to build outside your property, how much you have to spend and what level of security you are after.

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