5 things that will help you live healthier and longer

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It’s something we all want, to live healthier and live longer lives. Well, assuming you are not being tortured you do, but generally, I think we all want to be healthy and live a long time. There are of course long complicated ways of doing it, measuring telomerase and taking various supplements, such as niacinamide, but people tend to forget that there are simple and easy ways to start you on that road to health and longevity. People are always looking for the magic pill, as it seems they don’t want to make the effort to improve their lives, even if it doesn’t take much. Here are the things you need to start doing before you start taking any groundbreaking new drugs or new fad for longevity and health.


Yes, it’s as simple as that, sleep more. Get at least 8 hours sleep. If you get less than that and think that’s all you need, then you are kidding yourself. There are actually some people that can get by on 6 hours, but they have a mutation in a gene called DEC2, but this is a very tiny percentage of the population, so the odds are it’s not you. Anything less than 8 hours and though you can function, you will be causing stress to your body which will affect your life. Your overall performance will be reduced as well, and you can’t judge yourself such as when you are drunk, you think you are fine, but you aren’t. So, get 8 hours sleep if health and longevity are what you are after. 

Not what you eat

It’s not what you eat, it’s what you don’t’ eat that’s important. Start changing how you think of food. Forget the “I need to eat this to be healthy”…think more “I need to NOT eat this to be healthy”. Remove all the things that you probably already know you should not eat. Sugar is the biggest one. Increase your proteins, and start treating food as science, not an entertainment. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food, but know everything that goes into your mouth. Add fasting to your life as well. A couple of 24-hour fasts a week are pretty easy and have a lot of amazing health benefits. That means you eat your dinner at 8 pm and don’t eat anything until 8 pm the next day. That’s not that hard, after all, you skip breakfast half the time as you are rushing to work right? 


One of the biggest things for longevity these days is getting control of inflammation in your system. This is easier said than done, but the above will help a lot. Getting enough sleep and eating the right things to remove inflammation can help make your life a lot more pleasurable and extend your life. Stiff joints and that low-level pain when you move are a couple of the things that will disappear as well. There is more on inflammation that we can talk about here, but do a little research and you will find many sites on inflammation diets online. This is one of the biggies for living longer. 


Meditation has been shown over and over again to help your health and life overall. Clinical studies have even shown a marked difference in many biological markers with meditation. People that meditate swear by it and almost every majorly successful person does it every day. Now, you might think it’s silly, or have a hard time sitting there doing it, but trust us when we say, just give it a chance. Try mindful meditation to start, its easiest. Try it for a minute a day, then 2 minutes, and work your way up to 15 minutes. Just sit and listen to your breathing, and be in the moment, that’s it. It’s the hardest easiest thing you can do to make your life better. 


Stress is a killer. It is something that will definitely shorten your life. It has been shown in many studies to have a serious adverse reaction to your body. It will make you grow old fast. But what is stress? Well, we know the stress of things like bills, but that’s not all stress is. There are physical, emotional; and mental stresses. Eating the wrong things can put stress on your body, lack of sleep can put stress on your body, getting the theme here? You need to make the environment of your life to be the best and most nurturing you can. Just as when you are a baby, the same applies when you are older. 

Just these things alone can make a profound difference in your life. Once you have these basics down, then you can start looking at the other new drugs and lifestyles. Without the basics, you will not succeed. You know this deep in your heart, but part of you wants to find the easy way out. The reality is, this is the easy way, you just have to try it. We wish you long and health like, get started on it today.

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