8 ways to dress for success for men

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Most women know how important dressing is, but most men don’t see to have a real understanding of this. Though, having said that, men have it a lot easier when they want to dress for success. There are fewer options than for women, and the rules are a lot simpler. Whether you are dressing for a promotion, or to meet the love of your life, there are a few things that will help you get the success you need.



First and foremost, know what the occasion in, and know who you are trying to impress. If you are going to a ballgame with the company and the boss? If you want to impress your friends then, by all means, dress in shorts and paint your face the team colors, but if you want to impress your boss, imagine it is a casual meeting. We don’t mean wear a tie but definitely dress in the upper level of going to a ball game. 


If you have to wear a suit, start getting comfortable in suits. Whatever you wear, be comfortable in it. There is nothing that will kill your chances of success more than looking uncomfortable in what you are wearing. If you are uncomfortable in a suit? Then try actually getting a good suit that is fitted for you. A well-fitted suit is as comfortable as a pair of jeans. When Sean Connery was shooting James bond, the director made him wear his suit everywhere, and even jokingly said in the shower, as he wanted him to look comfortable in it. Comfort translates to confidence. 

Get it tailored

Hand in hand with comfort is getting it tailored. Hardly anyone does this, and trust us when we say it is made or break. A perfectly tailored suit or shirt, or even shorts, makes a huge difference. You can buy clothes off the rack, but take them to a good tailor and have them fitted, people notice the difference

One up

Always stress at least one level above everyone else. We don’t mean wear a tuxedo, but we mean one level above what everyone else will be wearing. You won’t stand out, but you will stand out to the people that you want to impress. 

Get advice

If you aren’t sure what looks good on you, get some advice. I don’t mean from your buddies (unless they have impeccable taste) but from someone that understands the look, you are going for. If it’s for a date, then ask a woman of that age, and if it’s for the boss? Then your best bet is to talk to a good suit broker or tailor. 

Look around

Before you can understand your own style, you need to start looking around at others style. Start looking at magazines and see what people think is good style. A lot of that cutting edge style is not what you want, but it will start you thinking in the right way. The classic simple style is always your best bet. Remember the outfit is to enhance you, it should not be the center of attention. 


Better to have a couple of quality outfits than a closet full of cheap clothes. Take a deep breath and spend the money. Good quality clothes will last longer and look better. You don’t have to buy a thousand dollars suit, or wear Armani, but look around and understand what quality is. Don’t buy for the name, but for the quality. 

Set and forget

Once you are dressed in whatever outfit works best, look at yourself one last time in the mirror to make sure you haven’t missed anything, then forget what you are wearing. Pretend you are wearing sweats and a t-shirt. Success comes from you, not your outfit. A bad outfit will kill your chances of success, and a good one will enhance it and not get in the way. So, forget what you are wearing and be you.

Dressing for success isn’t that hard. It’s just a little effort, without making any assumptions. Don’t assume that those ratty shoes will be ok, ask someone’s opinion that matters. Pay attention to details. Stick with classic style. If you follow those rules, it will start you well on your way to dressing for success. The painting is you, but it still needs a nice frame to sell it.

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