Assessing the True Cost of Car Ownership and How to Get the Costs Down

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The merits of car ownership are documented and well known. The list of benefits from owning a car places having one on the wish list of most people in the UK.

Whether you use one for work, school, or simply to get around during the day, you will find that this is usually easier when you have an automobile at your disposal.

Of course the major challenge with car ownership is purchasing one in the first place. Automobiles are the second largest common purchase after a place to live and will run in the tens of thousands of pounds usually. Purchasing an automobile takes some forward planning and will require that you puts some money aside for the down payment of outright purchase. And car ownership also comes with a list of costs that need to be considered as well.

Review this list of important costs related to car ownership to make sure you understand what you are taking on when you purchase an automobile.

Car Insurance

One of the most critical areas of car ownership is getting insurance to protect yourself, other drivers and your automobile when you own and drive it. Car insurance is such a critical issue that you need to make sure that the company you select is reputable and offers policies that fit your needs.

If you have financed your auto, the finance company will demand that you obtain a car insurance policy that will protect people and your automobile fully in the event of an accident. If you ha e purchased the car outright, you should seriously consider this type of policy anyway because it offers the best protection for you.

Remember that car insurance pricing varies depending on where you live, your age, your driving record, and the type and cost of the automobile you are insuring. If many of these factors work against you, insuring your car can be quite expensive.


Any car you purchase will have to be serviced to insure that it is always roadworthy. If you have a newer car, your insurer will demand that you service it regularly and the government requires MOT testing as well. Servicing your car can be quite expensive if you do it through a dealer, but there are great companies that offer the top of the line car repairs and servicing for your UK car. Service your car on schedule to avoid any damage that might require a costly repair.


Over the lie of your auto, depending on the car you purchase, petrol can cost you as much as the auto itself. Be aware that larger r faster engines use more fuel which means that you will be paying at the pump more often. Opt for cars with smaller engines or even electric vehicles which cost much less to power.


Before you purchase your auto, look into the parking availability and costs. Today cities like London and Birmingham charge big money to park your car on the streets and at parking garages. If you have a reserved space already, this can save you money, If not, check with your building or in the area to see what parking costs. It can add hundreds to your monthly car costs.

Do your homework before purchasing your auto to avoid any unforeseen surprise costs.

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