Interdependence, a Leading Digital PR Firm, Says That Every Marketer Needs These Skills

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One of the most successful digital marketing public relations firms, Interdependence, understands that the world of marketing is cutthroat. If your company is failing at its marketing strategy – or even worse, there is no strategy at all – business success is highly unlikely. For some, marketing comes easy. For others, it is like a foreign language.

If you personally feel that digital marketing compares to learning German or Italian, it might be time to hire a marketing expert. Every professional digital marketer has a very specific set of skills, skills that not everyone possesses.

The Power of Persuasion

It goes without saying that persuasion is a major factor in the world of marketing. If you aren’t persuasive in your marketing tactics, you can pretty much kiss the idea of profits goodbye. But marketing persuasion is tricky; it needs to be delivered in an under-the-radar way that doesn’t seem pushy. As soon as your persuasive tendencies border on pushiness, you’ll love a sale. Just remember, consumers don’t like to be pushed, they need to be persuaded.

Access to Resources

OK, this isn’t really a skill, but having access to digital marketing tools and resources is a must. Of course, every marketer needs access to the internet so that helpful insight on marketing trends can be learned. But that’s not all. The best digital marketing experts have full access to marketing tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Hootsuite, and many more.

In order to gain access to these, you’ll need to sign up to become a member. The best digital marketing tools require a monthly or yearly subscription, and they won’t always come cheap. But if you learn how to use them properly, they are worth their weight in gold. Top-notch digital marketers not only have access to these tools but know how to use them.

Content Writing

Writing content is a major aspect of marketing, one that is more important than ever. Just think, what is the entire world wide web comprised of? Content. Although not all content on the internet comes in written form, a lot of it does. A kick-ass marketer knows exactly how to deliver content in a way that is powerful, persuasive, informative, and unique in one way or another.

You might be thinking to yourself, but how can a marketing expert also be an amazing writer? Many marketing firms outsource their writing work or they have a few professional writers on staff, so it is very unlikely that your marketer will be the one writing your content.

Analysis Skills

One of the most important aspects of marketing is analysis. Not only is analysis crucial, it is also the first phase in any marketing strategy. Analyzing the target audience, the different media tools available for advertising, the product or service itself, this is all vital. After the initial analysis phase, it doesn’t end there. A successful marketer will use a variety of analysis tools to determine marketing success and what needs improvement.

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