Jared Seyl Farmers Insurance Expert Speaks About the Industry

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For Jared Seyl farmers insurance was the area of the industry which he always wanted to go into, this was largely due to the fact that his father’s family had been farmers. Jared started off working in a farmers insurance agency before moving up to district manager and he eventually founded his own company here in Greenwood, CO where he is currently the Director. Jared knows everything that there is to know about this industry and he was very kind to spend a little bit of time with us to speak about career opportunities within the insurance industry.

Types of Insurance

There are many companies out there who cover all bases in terms of insurance but there are also some, much like Jared’s, who focus on a specialism within the sector. There is a whole range of insurances to choose from such as auto insurance and home insurance, farmers insurance and even highly specialized companies who insure body parts for athletes. When deciding which area of insurance you want to go into it is important that you choose one which you are passionate about.

Farmers Insurance

Working in farmers insurance is of course a very niche industry yet it is one which Jared absolutely adores, and encourages more people to aim for this kind of career. There are farms all over the United States and these farmers require different types of insurance compared with a homeowner or a business owner for example. Working in this industry is an awful lot of fun and you get to work with some of the mots wonderful people. Jared has made a huge number of friends during his time within farmers insurance and he cites a lack of pressure as the reason why. In many areas of insurance there is a cutthroat attitude because of the amount of competition that exists but that is not the case in the farmers insurance business.

Getting In

Getting into the insurance business isn’t difficult but you may have to prepared to work hard if you wish to gain a high position. There are many agents and sales positions which don’t require too much training and what is great about this industry is that many companies look to promote from within and train their newer employees to get them up to a standard which could see them looking further up the career ladder. This is certainly one of the biggest benefits of working in insurance is that the large majority of companies love to train their own, and do so in the company mould. If you look across the industry you’ll see that the majority of those with managerial positions actually started much further down the ranks.

This is an industry which is results-orientated and highly challenging but one which is full of rewards for those who work within it from great salaries to building great relationships.

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