Dock Square Parking Garage – Keeping Your Car Safe In The City

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Parking in a city like Boston, MA comes with a number of dangers which you need to be aware of. Cities are filled with people traffic and movement and this can seriously cause issues if you are looking at parking on the street. From theft of car parts or the vehicle in its entirety to having a mirror knocked off or the car scratched by something innocuous, parking on the street in a city is always a risk. This is why I have started taking my car to the Dock Square parking garage here in Boston, a place where I can ensure that my car will be safe and sound until I need to come and pick it up. If you haven’t thought of using a garage before, here is why I would recommend it if you live in a city.


As I have just mentioned security is something which we all want whenever we park our cars and unfortunately in big cities like Boston, MA and others around the world, there is a far higher risk of something happening. In recent years I have heard terrible stories from friends and family about their car’s being broken into and the belongings stolen, cars being taken and even car parts such as wheels and emblems being stolen, presumably to order. Avoid all of this by finding yourself a parking garage which will ensure that your car is safe and sound.


Another rung on the gauntlet of parking your car on the street in a big city is the potential damage which could be caused, and it could take place at any time and in a number of ways. Your car could be clipped by a big rig rolling by, it could be hit by a bicycle or it could even be caught by the zip of a child’s coat and then scratched as a result. Regardless of whether this kind of damage is intentional or not doesn’t change the fact that you will then have to spend time and money on having it repaired, simply because you parked your car. When you leave your car in a parking garage there is enough room around your car to avoid this from happening and whilst it isn’t impossible, the chances of your car being damaged are significantly reduced.

Legality and Hassle

In Boston, MA the road cops are very much on their game which means that if you even overstep your parking space by an inch, you can expect a ticket when you return. On top of this a great many people will drive around for what feels like hours searching for the perfect spot, often doing laps and laps around a certain area. With a parking garage there are no tickets, no illegal parking and certainly no driving around searching for spaces. If it is full then you can queue at the door, if it isn’t then you can get in and park, the way things should be.

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