Learning about the different forms of market analysis

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Those who have basic knowledge about the market, know very well that there are three different types of analysis in the Forex market. You are wondering what type of analysis is best for your trade. The best analysis does not depend on what type of trader are you? If you are a serious trader and are desperate to make money like everyone else (because nobody has got the time to play in the Forex market), you have to follow and understand all three types of analysis and put it into action when you are making a trade.

These might seem confusing to you. How can all three analyses come in handy when I am placing a trade? Can you start your car when it has one hole in one tire? You can start your car, but it will go forward for some time, and then stop. If keep trying to move forward without attending to the problem, your tire will separate from your car.

Try to diversify your approach

Trading by following only one analysis is not a smart way to trade. You may think the market is large, but that you will trade on only one currency pair. The markets are interrelated around the world and you need to know the market of the world to know when your currency pair will move in the way you expect.

Let’s look at an example to understand why following a single analysis is not good in the Forex market. Suppose, you are a trader who lives in the United States. You are looking at your chart and suddenly your desired currency showed you a large movement in the price level. You become excited which is very natural. You placed a big trade on the currency movement. The next thing you know, the market moves in the opposite direction. All your money is now gone with the market and you are at the risk of losing your capital investment.

This is only one small example of why you should not follow a single analysis. You always check the air pressure of your car before you went to driving. This is also the same for you in Forex. You have to analyze the market from every angle before you make a trade on the Forex market. If you think that one analysis will give you the best results, you are wrong.

If you do not believe us, place a trade on the market, you will soon see that you are losing money. The Forex market is much bigger than the stock market, which also means, there are more movements in the market. Also, it is composed of two currencies from two different countries. It is best to analyze the market from three points of analysis of the Forex, that is the technical, the fundamental, and the sentimental.

Create a simple strategy

Being a new trader, you should learn the three major forms of market analysis. After having a decent knowledge of these three segments, you should be able to create a professional trading strategy. Use a demo trading account from a professional broker and try to develop your trading skills. While trading the demo account, you will often get bored and try to ignore the basic rules. Try to control your emotions and trade the market with patience.

Never lose hope while developing the trading strategy. Stick to the trading environment as long as you want but make sure you create a professional trading strategy so that you can deal with the complex nature of the market. Integrate the three major forms of market analysis into your system to improve your trade execution skills.


Do not stick to one analysis of Forex. This market is very large and provides many signals based on different conditions. Use your knowledge and understanding of the three analyses of the Forex market and make your trades to make money.

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