How To Set Up A Gaming Blog For Online Poker

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Blogging is an industry that has been around almost as long as the internet has. Recent statistics show that in the US alone, there are over 31.7 million bloggers, making it an extremely competitive line of work. The content of these sites can range anywhere from personal experiences and opinions to writing insightful articles about niche topics.

Even the online gaming market has its fair share of written content on the internet, but blogging is still a worthy activity to pursue if it is something you are passionate about. Working on something you love is just one of the things that can lead to success when creating your own site, so consider these things before setting it up:

Have good web design

One crucial aspect that people look for when browsing through websites is the design of the pages. This doesn’t simply mean the pictures and fancy fonts but includes how easy it is to navigate the site and whether or not visitors are just bombarded by text. Aspects you should keep in mind are your page’s cleanliness, its friendliness to users, and the content you are providing. If you are lacking in any one of these, visitors may not have a reason to come back to your website. Be sure to plan out what you want from your blog, your target audience, and how to reach your demographic. Format your webpage according to those to ensure that you will have regular traffic.

Include Resources for Gamers

Starting a poker blog is of course different from starting an actual poker gaming site. However, you can still make your site useful to players by including free resources for them to take advantage of. You might for instance write up a visually accessible, intuitive list of rules and procedures for each variety of poker. You can also post different winning poker strategies like having a balanced range, betting wisely, and staying mentally sharp. Readers will be on the lookout for unique strategies that help them up their game, some even download “cheat sheets” of strategic plays to use as guides while playing. These uses, alongside the idea of educating beginners, make it possible for you to set up a very useful and productive blog.

Add News & Sports Feeds

The buzziest days of professional poker and poker news may be in the past, but there’s still a lot that happens in this world on a day-to-day basis. Professional players are consistently active in high-stakes tournaments; celebrities frequently make appearances in charity events, and news about televised poker and tournament events breaks fairly frequently. Including something of a newsfeed on your blog to keep track of all of the significant events in the poker world is another great way to establish your utility. The key point of the blog could still be anything from your own thoughts on the game to tips for different scenarios, to deep dives on poker movies. With a news column, alongside the resources mentioned above, you’ll be more likely to attract a big audience from the go.

Explore Partnership Options

Lastly, it is also a good idea to explore partnership or influencer options. These will likely be hard to come by in the early going, but once you have a little bit of an audience, or you’ve established yourself as a consistent voice in the poker world, you might just be able to find a way to maximize your exposure (or even bring in direct earnings) through partnerships. This could mean anything from garnering mentions by poker pros to referring readers to other poker platforms. Whatever the case though, this sort of arrangement can essentially help you to monetize a poker blog, even without offering any games yourself.

Of course, this is just one of the many ideas you might consider when setting up a blog as a side project. But it involves relatively easy paths to exposure, and thus one a lot of more industrious prospective bloggers might consider.

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