Permission To Treat Yourself: Five Times Impulse Buys Are Totally Justified

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The high that we get from making impulse purchases is always exciting. But oftentimes, it leaves us with such guilt that we forget to consider the benefits of our purchases (if there ever were any). However, we can all admit that there are some impulse buys that are completely worth every penny, and there are times when we really need those spur-of-the-moment purchases.

Money clearly does not grow on trees, and if we spend all our hard-earned cash on impulse, we would be left broke. While it may be easier to say no to all impulse purchases, we may miss the opportunity to treat ourselves to something nice. So, here are five different scenarios you can justify your impulse purchase.

It Just Went on Sale

If you know avid bargain shoppers, then you already know how they do not joke around with sales. Black Friday or red-tag clearance sales are everything to them because, most of the time, you can easily get valuable items for as low as fifty percent of their original sticker price.

Oftentimes, we need to replace something important that is currently in a terrible state, but since it is still working (with plenty of duct tape support, of course) we keep saying that buying a new one is too expensive. So why not take advantage of this sale to get that item you were already going to buy, now that the price is too good to pass up?

You Just Had a Bad Break-Up

Breakups are bad, but some can just really get you down. One fun activity that seems to lift people’s spirits in times like this is shopping. While you are not trying to fill that space with material things, little pick-me-ups are okay as long as they don’t break the bank. A nice new bracelet or earring can go a long way to cheer you up with their cuteness. Sometimes, you may even take advantage of a cheap flight for a quick vacation to clear your head, and refresh your mood.

You’re Literally Starving

This may be a popular one, as food is something most people tend to splurge on. When it’s lunchtime and you forgot to pack a meal and the drive-through is tempting, you drive down there and order like the boss you are. This may even be a perfect moment to try a nice new cafeteria or food joint that sounds expensive and classy. The good thing with food is the fact that you could forget the impulsivity, just as long as the meal is great.

Someone’s Birthday Is Coming Up

Birthdays are important occasions, and even though many people do not celebrate them, they definitely appreciate it when they get an amazing gift. When you have friends that are important to you, making impulse purchases on gifts is always worth it. It is even better when you have forgotten, so you need something quick.

Grabbing something lavish would assuage your guilt of forgetting while warming the heart of the recipient, and they don’t even need to know you forgot their birthday. Also, on that note, your own birthday is the perfect excuse to splurge on an impulse purchase. Get yourself that Gucci bag that you’ve been eyeing from that expensive boutique.

It’s For Your Health

You’re ready to make changes for the better, and new running shoes will help you get there. As long as they are of great quality, comfort, and the perfect fit, you will forever appreciate them for the money you spent on them. Moreover, getting that sporting equipment that you can use at the gym for your house is never a bad impulse buy, since it is more convenient and will definitely inspire you to work out.

Also, owning a new pet can be unexpected, but it has so many health benefits including reduced feelings of stress and loneliness. So, if you find yourself unexpectedly gushing over a puppy or a cute cat at the shelter, you may want to consider picking them up. Plus, you’re giving them a chance at a good life, so it’s a win-win all around.

Knowing When To Spend

An occasional impulse buy isn’t a bad thing, especially if you plan ahead and make it more of a “planned impulse.” That said, drafting a monthly budget template can let you know how much “fun money” you have for these small splurges. That way, you won’t go over and wind up financially strapped at the end of the month and have to eat ramen until your next payday.

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