3 Ways We Can Use the Internet to Improve Our Lives

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The internet is awash with websites, social media communications and knowledge – a seemingly never-ending source of inspiration and information. But are we really taking advantage of everything the internet can do for us: from ways to save money at the click of a button to ways of enhancing our skillsets, improving our CVs, and even boosting our grey matter. We have the sum of the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, but how can we better take advantage of it?

Gain More Knowledge

The internet is essentially a store of everything committed to public knowledge – from historical events to political ideologies, geographical discoveries to scientific marvels. There are resources that allow you to read every book written, watch every film ever shot, and listen to every piece of music composed. But we rarely take advantage of this. There are many ways in which we can begin harnessing the internet to improve our daily lives. You can dive deep into Wikipedia, surfing from obscure topic to obscure topic and learning interesting facts. For a more formal education, the Encyclopedia Britannica provides the basics of most topics, while sites such as Highbrow, which provides 10-day courses on subjects direct to your inbox, can teach you things you didn’t even know you didn’t know.

Money Saving Ideas

When we say money saving ideas, this isn’t your Facebook play money we’re talking about: going on the internet could actually save you real cash as the vast ranges of welcome bonuses from various casinos show. The list allows customers to take advantage of a range of free spins, money back and other welcome offers to entice them into playing. There are dozens of deals online if you just know where to look. To give another example, most streaming services offer a free trial, which can be cancelled before any money is paid. Savvy streamers can work their way round most major sites before paying a penny. Gyms also often offer free trials and various offers when you look online, which can save you money in real life. There are a plethora of voucher code websites, including Honey, which searches the internet for you to find better prices or existing codes that save you money on things you would have bought anyway.

Improve Your Skills

Nobody has too many skills. Whether you want to learn a language, enhance your dance abilities, or practice reciting Shakespeare, the internet can provide you with many ways in which this can be mastered. One of the most obvious ways is through Duolingo, Babbel, Busuu, or Open Culture. Each site is tailored for different learning styles, while accompanying podcasts also allow language learners to immerse themselves in the language they are attempting to master. When all else fails, YouTube provides a great many tutorials on everything from singing, dancing and acting to more niche interests such as the Alexander Technique. While truly mastering anything takes a more extensive amount of practice, piquing your interest in a new skill could be done for free online before you decide to take the next step.

The internet has changed our lives in ways we would never have been able to imagine – but it doesn’t have to stop changing our lives on a day to day basis. Indeed, there are many opportunities that the internet can offer us that allow us to enhance our abilities and give us a boost in our skillset, confidence or CV. From widening our knowledge and giving us new interests to providing ways in which we can enhance our skills to simply saving us money – the internet allows us to do all of this.

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